Hello, Dear customers, welcome to AOVO scooter. If you have any questions such as replace the products, refund and fix the electric scooter, or if you want to cooperate with AOVO, just like to be our dealer, influencer cooperation, you can contact us via clicking the button directly, Or using the Chat plugin to contact can greatly improve the efficiency of communication and the speed of problem-solving.

Sales-After service contact via E-Mail: aovotech@gmail.com

Note: Since we deal with after-sales issues through the unified E-Mail, if customers have any after-sales questions, Don’t hesitate to use E-Mail to contact us, so that you can get timely technical support from our after-sales staff.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 6:30pm CST
Sunday Closed

Dropshipping & Wholesale Business E-mail: aovosales@gmail.com  (Attention: The email don’t solve sales-after problem, sales-after technique supporting contact: AOVOTech@gmail.com)

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Business cooperation contact: Whatspp: +8618576634431