AOVO Z8 | 600W max power, detachable battery E-bike, electric bicycle, 45km/h, 45 km Range at least, Ship from UK warehouse


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Model name AOVO Z8
maximum speed 45KM/H
Full battery life 40km (measured at a constant speed of 20km/h on a flat asphalt road with a weight of 75kg and a weight of 75kg without wind at 25°C)
Battery  48V Lithium Battery Plastic Case (13S6P-15.6Ah )
Batteries Domestic 18650 power cell
controller 48V 22A
meter LCD display speed and battery
Climbing gradient About 30% (slope) is about 20 degrees (condition: 75Kg)
riding road Cement, asphalt pavement, flat dirt pavement, no higher than 5cm steps, no more than 3cm wide trenches
drive mode rear drive
Brake method (brake lever) Front wheel disc brake (left brake lever) + rear wheel disc brake (right brake lever)
braking distance 22km/h speed
1. The braking distance of single brake is less than or equal to 7m in dry state
2.Double brake Braking distance in dry state≤4.4m
charging time about 8 hours
Charging temperature range Available (-10~40℃)
Recommended (-10~30℃)
Nominal load ≤120kg
headlight When the LED is turned on, the driving lights are on, and the headlights are on when the headlight switch is turned on.
taillight LED tail lights
(The running light is on when it is turned on, and the brake light is on when braking)
The width light none
trumpet Left switch control
frame High-carbon steel
Vehicle size mm Length 1620; Width 760; Height 1080
front wheel Driven wheel 20*4.0 (spoke hub) Pneumatic tire 160 brake disc
rear wheel 48V 500W drive wheel 20*4.0 pneumatic tire 160 brake disc
tire 20 inch * 4.0 Zhengxin tire
Damping system Front and rear double shock absorption
Operating temperature (-10~40℃)
Storage temperature Available (-20~40℃)
Recommended (5~30°C)
maximum storage time Factory state (70% battery) ~180days
Battery exhausted state <120days
wheelbase 1050mm
ground clearance 140mm
steering angle   54 degrees
Whether to fold not collapsible
Parking method parking rack parking
Vehicle size L×W×H 1620mm×760mm×1080mm
Vehicle protection level IP34
charger External 48V 2A
packaging parts describe
packaging style simple
Outer box material ABC corrugated 7 layers
Rate Power 500W
Package dimensions 1410mm*280mm*850mm
Packaging buffer material EPS
net weight 35.5KG
Gross Weight (Approx.) 43.5KG
MAX Mileage 45km
MAX Power 600W
40HQ about 195