Kukirin G2 MAX, 1000W, 55km/h max speed, 48V, 20Ah, 80km range, easy to climbe 30° slope, Fine-tuned spring shock absorbers | Dropshipping service


Good News For UK Customers!  400PCs Kukirin G2 pro and Kukirin G2 MAX arrived our Ireland warehouse on 2023-8-18, it can be shipped to UK address, only need 60EUR customs clearance fee, 5 days delivery in UK

 48V 20Ah Battery, with seat for free
 1000W Powerful motor
 70-80 kilometers per charge
 55 kph Max. Speed
 10” Pneumatic wheels

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Unfolded Size: 1260*605*1300mm
Pedal Width: 545*211mm
Uphill: 30°
Braking System: Disc Brake + E-brake
Folded Size: 1260*605*580mm
Chassis Hegiht: 230mm
Max. Load: 120kg
Weight: 31kg
Waterproof Level: IP54
Max. Range: 80km
Handlebar Length: 605mm
Braking Distance: 8-12m
Max. Speed: 55km/h
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Rated Power & Voltage: 1000W, 48V
Max. RPM: 1250r/min
Max. Output Torque: 25N.m
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery
Capacity: 20Ah
Rated Voltage: 48V
Charging Time: 10-11h
Size: 10″
Type, Material: Pneumatic, Rubber
Size: 133*76mm
Lights Type: LED
Number of Lamp Beads: 4
Power: 8W
Irradiation Angle: 45°
Input Voltage & Current: 100~240V, 3A
Output Voltage & Current: 54.6V, 2A