Kukirin G2 Pro Electric Scooter 3 Mode Speed 55KM Range 1000W Power 9 inch Pneumatic Tire with Free seat saddle | Ships from UK warehouse


1.1000W Motor:it has a dual heat dissipation structure,which makes the ride more durable
2.6 light system:1 headlamp,2 front side lights,3 tail lights brake lights,6 lights system,all-round ascort.
3.Powerful four-arm shock absorption:strong shock absorption,challenging all kinds of terrain,all the way forward.
4.High-strength integrated design:Body integrated design,high appearance and high performance coexist,stronger pressure resistance,more durable.


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Package Information:
Package Size: 123*23*59.5cm
Gross weight: 32.4kg
Product Net Weight: 26.7kg
Max Load:120kg
Expand body size: 1187*620*1315mm
Folding body size: 1187*620*560mm
handle width: 59.5mm
Pedals to handle size: 94/101/107cm
Chassis height: 14cm
size of pedal: Length: 54.1cm Width: 18.2cm

Speed :
1mode,2mode,3mode 15-30-50 km/h
1mode,2mode,3mode(65KG load)15-30-45 km/h
Single Range: 55KM
grade: 20°
Brake system (disc brake, electronic brake, others)
Front and rear disc brakes
Braking distance (M): 5-8 meters
waterproof level: IP54
Frame material: Aluminum alloy + steel
handlebar material: Aluminum alloy + steel + plastic
Rear material: Aluminum alloy+steel+plastic+nylon
Seat bag material imitation leather

Voltage: 48V
Acceleration mode (sine wave/square wave/) Sine wave
Motor form (integrated, split, other in-wheel motors) Split
Power data rated power 600W
Instantaneous maximum power 1000W
maximum speed 1256rpm
Maximum output torque 23N.M

18650 lithium battery
capacity Single cell capacity 2500
battery pack capacity 15
Voltage 48V
charging time 7-8 hours
Standard power consumption KW.H
battery protection system Charging power failure protection

Number of lamp beads 4
Power (Watts) 7-8W
Irradiation angle 45 degree
Irradiation area 80

Input voltage 100-240V
Input Current 50/60Hz 3.0A
The output voltage 54.6V
Output current 2.0A

Inner tube:

size 81/2*2
type Pneumatic tire
Material Butyl rubber

brand: Xuanyang
tire size: 9 inches
type: Pneumatic tire
best tire pressure 2.2 kpa
Material: rubber

Minimum (height above ground): 71cm
Highest (height above ground) 84cm
disc brake
brand Tolan
outer diameter: 120mm
Thread inner diameter: M5*8



Brightness value
size Length: 11.8cm Width: 7.3cm
show content Speed, mileage, gear, power, battery, turn sign, headlight on sign
Function settings 1. After power on, short press once to switch gears;
2. After powering on, hold the brake lever and press 2 times in a row to switch the speed limit mode; 3. Press 3 times in a row to switch the speed unit; 4. Press 5 times in a row to switch between zero start/non-zero start; 5. Short press 7 times in a row, the cruise function is turned on/off; 6. Short press 9 times in a row, long press to turn off, the mileage is cleared.


Versatility (marking and which one is common)
Function description cruise control function Press the power button 7 times continuously to enter the cruise function on/off
KM/H set to MPH/MILE Short press 3 times in a row to switch the unit (KM/MILE)
Speed limit lifted After turning on the power, hold the brake lever and press it twice in a row to switch the speed limit mode.


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